Vibration dampening

Dynamic Steering’s electric motor compensates for rough roads 2,000 per second, eliminating nearly all vibrations from reaching the driver.


The system can sense the side push from crosswinds, making small course corrections to compensate before the driver notices.


VDS provides additional torque to make reversing easier. This reduces driver fatigue and makes it simpler to place the truck and trailer in a straight line.


The automatic return to center feature brings the steering wheel back to the original position as soon as it is released.


In a blowout, VDS can help keep sudden torque out of the steering wheel and give the driver a better chance to avoid danger.

Volvo Dynamic Steering can help drivers in pain

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The advanced technology found in Volvo Dynamic Steering adds the precise amount of additional torque needed for ideal steering. No other truck manufacturer in North America comes close to matching Volvo Dynamic Steering.

Steering rod

It has been modified to accommodate installation of the electric motor.

Control unit

Information on the movement of the truck, such as its speed, is collected and processed by the control unit. It then sends signals to the electric motor, which corrects the steering force the driver feels.

Hydraulic steering gear

The electric motor twists a torsion rod in the hydraulic steering gear. The more the torsion rod is twisted, the more a hydraulic valve is opened, which increases the hydraulic assistance.

Electric motor

An electrically controlled motor is fitted on top of the steering gear, and the two work together. The motor makes adjustments 2,000 times and has a maximum output torque of maximum 18.44 lb-ft.

Internal sensor

The internal sensor is inside the electric motor and is designed to measure the driver’s angle and applied torque. This data is needed to calculate how the system can create the perfect steering response.

External sensors

The truck acts on information that is gathered from different sensors that are spread throughout the truck. It then combines this to describe the exact ambient conditions.

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